Upgrading from KDE 3.1.4 to KDE 3.3.x in Slackware

Author: Daniel Bautista
Last update: 2005/05/12
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I will explain the steps I followed to upgrade KDE 3.1.4 to KDE 3.3.1 in my Slackware 9.1.

IMPORTANT: I can't guarantee that these steps will work on your system. Follow them at your own risk.

NOTE: It's better upgrade all packages than only KDE.

First of all, you'll need slackpkg installed on your system. You can get it at http://slackpkg.sourceforge.net/. Follow the installation instructions of this page.

OK, so now for the impatients:

slackpkg update
slackpkg upgrade kde
slackpkg install libidn
slackpkg install x11
slackpkg upgrade glibc
slackpkg upgrade samba


slackpkg update: this command reads the last packages availables on the mirror you have selected in the installation of slackpkg.
slackpkg upgrade kde: this upgrades your kde. I recommend going to sleep, or watching a pair of movies or... Remember it has to download all the packages of KDE (each package may be 0.5-30 MB).
slackpkg install libidn: I didn't have this library, and kdeinit complaint about it.
slackpkg install x11: kdeinit also complaint about library libXinerama, so the best choice is to install new X11.org
slackpkg upgrade glibc: KDE needs glibc 2.3.2.
slackpkg upgrade samba: for the connections via libsmbclient.

You have to change your x11 configuration in /etc/X11/XF86Config. Search the line 'Driver "Keyboard"' and change it with 'Driver "kbd"'. Otherwise, the X-Server won't start (remember that you have changed your x11 server).

You can always upgrade other packages related with KDE, for example, k3b:

slackpkg install k3b

Mmmm... it seems that there's some conflict with ogg and aRTs.

I had to upgrade ogg libraries and cups server, too.

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