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IMPORTANT: About the IODA claims (ENG)

Sent by root ( in 16/04/2013 09:26:57

Hi to all.

Some of you have reported that the IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance), now The Orchard, is claiming my tracks in Youtube.

Yes, it's true. Most of my themes are administered by the IODA/The Orchard. That's because I'm signed with Magnatune label, and these themes also appears in iTunes Store, Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon et al. So they need my tracks administred by the IODA.

BUT (in uppercase), as you may know, all my tracks are licensed under the Creative Commons by-SA. That is to say, YOU CAN USE THEM in your videos with no concern.

If Youtube (or whoever) claims against using one of my tracks, just DON'T WORRY. Dispute it and tell Youtube that the song is under the CC by-SA, so you can use it.

If you want, you can link this post in your argumentation.

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