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IODA copyright claim on one of my YouTube videos.

Sent by NoMiS Plays (aka Simon Christoffel) ( in 09/07/2015 19:13:40

Dead Pixels Gameplay - "God Hate's Kittens" track

Hello Mr. Bautista,

I recently received a copyright claim from IODA regarding one of your songs, "God Hates Kittens" on a video I posted for the game Dead Pixels. After doing an internet search I found your forum here with other posts related to similar matters. Is it possible for you to reach out to your label to have the copyright claim removed? If not I can always mute that section of my video but I thought I would try and reach out to you first. The URL to my video is https://youtu.be/8NXEMFMJ7XA (the track is around the 13:05-13:56 mark). The song is great by the way! Do you know if you have any other songs included in the Dead Pixel soundtrack? I was planning on putting out a second video.

Simon Christoffel (NoMiS Plays)

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