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IMPORTANT: How to avoid the IODA claims in Youtube

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Reply to: IMPORTANT: About the IODA claims in Youtube, sent by root in 06/09/2013 12:20:24

If you want to avoid the IODA/The Orchard claims, just think about these topics:

- Do you really want to monetize your video? If it's an amateur video, or a video which will be seen by only a hundred people or so, is it really worth to monetize it?
- Could other platform be used instead? Vimeo, Dailymotion...
- Use my not labeled music: I have released the album 'Download Or Die' for all you greedy Youtube monetizers :D. You also have the albums Recyble Bin, Recyble Bin 2, Madera Y Bronce, Classics And Soundtracks and Music For A Film, which are not under the IODA control.

OK, so in the end I will continue accepting links to send them to Magnatune (of course), but if you want me (and magnatune) to avoid this work, just think about it ;).

: If you have claims from the IODA or The Orchard in your Youtube videos because of my music, just post here the URLs and I'll pass them to Magnatune in order to get the claims released.
: The IODA maintains the rights of my music in the digital stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon) and they automatically send the claims to Youtube, without knowing that my music is licensed under the Creative Commons by-SA. But they remove the claims if the Magnatune staff tells them to do so. So post those URLs!


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