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Introduction to TheCCRadio

Sent by TheCCRadio (Greg Henson) ( in 11/11/2014 00:39:09

Hello Daniel,
We run a Creative Commons shoutcast called "TheCCRadio" mainly for streamers to use to have so that they can have filler for their broadcasts. Our main goal is to find artists that have BY or BYSA music available for use in a way where it will not be flagged on Twitch or Youtube for 3rd Party Content. The main reason we are messaging you is we like to have a relationship with the artists we play so that if/when a 3rd party flag comes up (and its happened on some pretty interesting ones) that we can quickly and easily get the information needed for us or our users to fight that 3rd party content flag.

You're music has been part of TheCCRadio even before it was an actual shoutcast. We just want to make sure that you are fine with us broadcasting your music on the shoutcast and that you are fine with streamers or youtubers using it in their streams and videos. We also noticed that you were a member of Hipospadia (another artist that we have on our shoutcast) and were wondering if you could convene with us on that content as well or if you could point us in the direction of who we could contact in regards to that content.

If you would please reply to us using the TheCCRadio@gmail.com email. We would greatly appreciate getting to know you and your work even better. If you have any questions for us here at "TheCCRadio" please feel free to use that same eMail address to get ahold of us. We are anxiously awaiting to hear from you.

Thank you for your time,
Greg RT Henson (ComptonEMT)
Founder - TheCCRadio

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