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RE: RE: IODA Put a Claim On One Of My Videos...

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Oh wow! Thank you Mr. Bautista for the speedy response. I deeply appreciate your help and thank you for your time.

Thanks again.

: Don't worry. I'll tell my label to release the claim.
: Daniel
: : Hello Mr. Bautista.
: :
: : I'm writing this today in an effort to help resolve my conflict with IODA. A while ago IODA made a copyright claim to a video I made celebrating Halloween and the month of October. They specifically claim your song "God Hates Kittens" that is apart of the "Dead Pixels" video game soundtrack. I apologize if I am mistaken, but after some digging I was under the impression that it would be okay to use one of your songs in a video. I disputed the claim and they rejected my dispute. I am now in the process of appealing the claim and hoping to avoid a strike to my YouTube account. I can mute the game's music to avoid the issue; But I rather not because I feel the claim was not made in good faith or intention.
: :
: : I'm not sure what you could do, but I thought would I try contacting you. If you agree with IODA then I will take the video down and apologize for my mistake.
: :
: : Thank you for your time.
: : S_G


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