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RE: RE: Concerning IODA copyright claim on YouTube

Sent by Josh Mellon ( in 08/06/2017 18:31:15

Reply to: RE: Concerning IODA copyright claim on YouTube, sent by root in 03/10/2016 15:53:20

Mr. Bautista,

We are longtime fans of your music and we love pairing your tracks behind our video game scenarios. We also always credit you within our games and on our website.

Like others, we have encountered a few YouTube restrictions on videos we made (e.g. for your wonderful "Enter Mars (Holst)", "Solveig's Intro", and others) from "The Orchard Music" on behalf of "Magnatune." Would you please consider whitelisting the following URLs, if acceptable?

https://youtu.be/ARQZEMF8EmU - 0:06 to 1:12
https://youtu.be/ljEypf9ltfQ - 2:23 to 3:22
https://youtu.be/fOY7At5mAYE - 0:07 to 2:13
https://youtu.be/TPefAVIr9Wc - 0:21 to 2:27
https://youtu.be/t_j4yv0V7CA - 0:06 to 1:03
https://youtu.be/oYi8AeKakVA - 5:01 to 6:06

In addition, someone made a video of one of our games and they encountered similar restrictions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQa_5NybE2o

Thank you and best regards!


: Hi! I have sent the URLs to my label. A couple of days should be enough waiting.
: : Hello Mr. Bautista,
: :
: : I recently received a copyright claim from IODA regarding one of your songs, "God Hates Kittens" on 3 of my Dead Pixels gameplay videos. After an internet search I found your forum here with other posts concenering the same matter. Is it possible for you to reach out to your label to have the copyright claim removed? If not I can always mute that section of my video but I thought I would try and reach out to you first. The URLs to my videos are as follows:
: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WL7zg0_qSE at 2:17 - 3:52
: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvIoSDhyFps at 6:41 - 7:45
: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doh4XGw2FO0 at 6:50 - 7:45
: : I absolutely love the song by the way!
: :
: : Thanks,
: : Ashley Wesley (NerdyRocker713)


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