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RE: Copyright claim on a video of mine

Sent by root ( in 09/11/2017 22:27:15

Reply to: Copyright claim on a video of mine, sent by Fubulicious in 07/11/2017 15:10:12

The gracious people of Magnatune said to me that I need:

- The name of the claimed song.
- That you publish the video.

Let me know when it's done to make them release the claim again.

: Hello Mr. Bautista,
: I recently recorded myself playing Dead Pixels for 36 minutes in anticipation of the upcoming DP2 release and uploaded it for scheduled release in a week or two for my friend to enjoy and maybe get him to buy the game as well. I am not much of an entertainer, so the video is without voice over or fancy editing. I also don't monetise my videos, and even if I would, the revenue from it would be not worth mentioning (as in I'd be surprised if it sum up to a single cent).
: Now, Youtube tells me that The Orchard Music claimed a portion of the audio "On behalf of: Magnatune".
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUOPN-iVWqw - 20:26 - 21:15 - (video not yet released)
: Checking whether this is a valid claim led me to your site here.
: I have no problem with the actual rights owner to profit from my upload, but after skimming through your forum, I am under the impression that this claim was issued on behalf of an overstepping third party and that you might not condone of it.
: I could just mute the bit, but I'd rather keep the game's presentation as it was intended to be, for my friend to and anyone else who stumbles over the video to enjoy, when it gets released on schedule later, especially since I honestly enjoy your work.
: Thank you very much for your time, F.

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