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RE: RE: Copyright claim on a video of mine

Sent by Fubulicious ( in 15/11/2017 22:22:25

Reply to: RE: Copyright claim on a video of mine, sent by root in 09/11/2017 22:27:15

Hello, Mr. Bautista

Thank you for your efforts in the case so far :) I had a bit of a busy stretch these last few days so I couldn't get back to you right away.

The song is called: God Hates Kittens - Daniel Bautista

I'll switch my release schedule around a bit and will release the video earlier, on November the 16th,
at GMT 13:00, as in, tomorrow in about a bit under 16 hours..

Again, thank you for your help and keep up the good music :)


: The gracious people of Magnatune said to me that I need:
: - The name of the claimed song.
: - That you publish the video.
: Let me know when it's done to make them release the claim again.

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