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RE: RE: Thanks and a request.

Sent by Jay Brapamaldi (2001:44b8:281:b600:c0f3:6303:1c7a:b839) in 02/05/2019 14:30:27

Reply to: RE: Thanks and a request., sent by root in 02/05/2019 13:56:50

Oh wow, thanks for a quick response! Hope your doing well.

I already have a few favourite tracks from your later albums which I think are quite awesome...
You Won't Last 5 Minutes Listening To This, The Dark Tower, Testing The Kemper, Blood and Grass, So Metal It Hurts, Dies Irae, The Law (1-4) and a heap of others.

It's like you grabbed all my favourite musical genres and smashed them all into one crazy sounding mix. Love it! Cant wait to hear more.

Take it easy! Thanks again for the quick response.

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